segunda-feira, 31 de outubro de 2016

Samhain Blessings

Moving with the Wise Mother Shadow, as star sisters in the night. 
From death to life. 
Sawhain stirrs us into the cauldron of death, transformation, renewal. 
But for it to fully happen we need to open up, cleanse and let go of absolutely everything, mostly our sense of self. 
Giving up resistences, beliefs, identity, past pain and opening up to an underground space of no control, where time takes as long as it needs to transform matter into new life. 
Where past and future surrender and converge into the present: just now!
Under the ground of the soul and the soil lies a deeply resourceful wise crone. Carving our flesh into compost, carving our bones into seeds. 
Loss is opening the space for magic: the possibility of unknown, unprecedent growth to come if we just let go of whatever we're holding on to, releasing all expectations of outcome.
This is the spiritual practise of this season: emptiness awareness in allowing receptivity.
May our passage be what it has to be for each of us, may we give up the notions of light and darkness, good and bad, joy and pain, and open up to the richeness of core transformation this Samhain. 
May Mother Earth teach us, and may we humbly listen <3
Blessings upon all of us, blessings upon all beings, blessings upon all things.
By Iris Lican